Reshape your Enterprise with JSMN Expert Solutions.

We work closely with You, our customer, to determine what you need to accomplish. We identify areas of enhancement, both in the Front Office and in the Back Office. We then propose the Solution, which may involve "development" or "Out of the Box" application. We then install the application; tailor it to your business process requirement. We then go beyond the typical implementation by capturing and documenting procedures, developing user training (classroom, web or a hybrid solution).

Project Development and Management

Information Technology is an important tool in every business today. Computers, networks and the Internet are necessities for doing business, but hiring a department of high quality, professionally certified engineers and administrators to oversee this technology is an expensive luxury. JSMN International can assist in solving your technology dilemma by becoming your IT Department.

Your Own IT Staff - Just a Phone Call Away

For many companies, having a full-time IT staff is not an option. Qualified IT professionals come at a high cost. They are difficult to find and retain, demand high salaries and ongoing training. Additionally, you may not require someone all day, everyday, and might still have to look to the outside for special skill sets. With the JSMN Internationals IT Department, you get access to what you need, when you need it. Whether it's a hardware technician, network engineer, or Internet specialist, you get the right skills, just when you need them.

Your Own Project Manager

We designate a project manager for your company with the experience and professionalism necessary to make sure the job gets done. Your project manager will work hand and hand with your team and gather all business requirements. He or she will also develops a detailed technical history of our relationship with you, so we can follow-up on projects where we left off, instead of starting each contact from scratch.

More Than a Response Team

Many technical service relationships are based on the emergency response model - you don't hear from or see a technical service person unless there is a disaster that needs to be fixed. JSMN International, Inc. is based on developing a relationship and getting to know the technology your company depends on to do business. Regular contact with your Project Manager can help you plan to avoid disasters, rather than just react to them.